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On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

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Steve, I do hate River Song – though I think that may be justified. Her character seems to be the manifestation of what I described: supercilious and annoying. The writers seem to want to have someone who knows everything because, you know, the plot. And to be honest, the plots are not terribly good in the new Doctor Who series. Well, they were never brilliant, but the post 2005 ones, while glossier, tend to concentrate on emotional appeal rather than common sense. There are some very good ones. Blink is my favourite. But there are a lot of really bad ones.
I like Robin Roberts, and Diane Sawyer was tolerable when she was on GMA, but I'm with you, Lerm. However, I think some of the lameness associated with morning show personalities has to do with the lameness of the material they're asked to present, which is overwhelmingly crap.
Sandra Oh....puke and it's a tie for me between Jason Alexander and Kevin James.
I just want to get this in before Lerm shows up: ‘Bespoke tailoring.’

On Well, so. In the blog Luna Tics
Andie McDowell just seems like she thinks her shit doesn't stink. I don't know what what it is about her; I'm not even sure I think she's bad at acting...I just can't fucking abide that woman!
To me, Brad Pitt is sort of the opposite of Andie McDowell. He's a good actor, but the times I've seen him interviewed, he comes across as dumber than a ditch carp.
I once saw a description of Benedict Cumberbatch as an Animorph that only got halfway. But I've loved him ever since he did that thing on Graham Norton where he imitated those pictures of otters. Andie McDowell is lovely to look at, but she's incomprehensibly bad at acting.
Haha! Another rationally-hated actor would be Brad Pitt, because of his good looks. So I was highly amused to see his name appear in a list of celebrities people irrationally hate: “Brad Pitt. I have no idea why, I’ve just hated his face since I first saw him in ‘Thelma & Louise’ years ago. What makes it so irrational is that I KNOW he’s a good actor. I have enjoyed his films. But, god...his face. I can’t stand his stupid square-jawed, pouty-lipped, beady-eyed mug. So many women I’ve talked to are really attracted to him, but I’d honestly rather sleep with a cactus than to see that face grunting and sweating over me during coitus.” Another good one from the same site: “Benedict Cumberbatch. He always has the slightly-wrong look of ‘something was supposed to be on my face but I shaved it off.’”
It’s quite disconcerting to feel such a strong sense of aversion and yet not know why.

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